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How to Turn Your Living Room Into a Kids Playroom

Are you looking for ways to get your children interested in learning ? Kids love playing games and watching TV shows. If you want them to spend more time around you, why not create a fun space where they can learn new things ?

 The modern home is no longer a place for cooking or sleeping. Today, it’s a hub for entertainment and relaxation. With so much going on, it can be tough to squeeze in some quality family time.

Create a dedicated space for your children to explore their creativity. They’ll enjoy using your space to build models, paint or write stories. Once you’ve created a safe environment, encourage them to try out new skills and activities.


After moving in, we decided to convert the formal living room on the main level of the house into a playroom for our kid. (Our huge family room, which is open to the kitchen, serves as our main living area.) The child’s growth has caused the playroom to shift and evolve. 

Inspiration for Design

I perused several ideas on Project Nursery and Pinterest and blended the ones I loved the most. Since it is the first room you see when you enter the house, it needs to have lots of space for toys and be tastefully designed.

Decorating Design

Both traditional and modern

Project Specifics

Since we’ve been in the house for 18 months, this project has changed, but I’m delighted to declare it « done (for the time being) ». The space is adorable and really useful. Thanks to all the containers and baskets, Liam can quickly locate his favorite toys, causing him to completely demolish the area in just 5 minutes before picking everything back up.

IKEA sold the Kallax bench. My mother assisted me in making the bench cushion and the cushions for the futon out of cloth from and specially cut foam from

It has lasted quite well, and I adore the pop of cheerful (but not garish) yellow. The grey and white striped plastic bins, the dinosaur bin, and the bench’s storage bins are all things I bought from HomeGoods.

The 46 Printable ABC Flashcards used in the ABC wall art are from Etsy. I made the decision to use the images to make a photo grid wall since they were attractive and the colors went nicely with the playroom. On card stock, I printed them using a decent laser printer. I attempted printing four to a page the first time to conserve paper and ink, but I ended up with the scale off, so I strongly advise doing a test print and measuring one sheet before printing them all.

I laid up the grid using 1 » painters tape before hanging each frame with Post-it Command strips (more details are available on my blog). Overall, it measured 33′′ tall and 44.5′′ broad and cost around $60.

The wire used to hang Liam’s schoolwork is excellent since it is simple to replace as he creates new pieces. The only components are RIKTIG curtain hooks and DIGNITET curtain wire from IKEA. The curtain wire is not the simplest thing to install, therefore using good wire cutters to cut the wire to the proper length and sturdy drywall anchors is quite helpful. When I tightened the wire, one of the ends continued to gently pull the anchors out of the wall.

Favorite Products

My favorite aspect is certainly the reading nook. The shelves are IKEA Ribba picture ledges. Liam enjoys reading and is a highly orderly young man, therefore he prefers to return the books on the shelf after he is through. Now that most of his works are available, we aren’t forced to keep reading « Go Dog Go. » All the additional books that didn’t fit on the shelves are kept in the extra basket.


It’s been wonderful to have a playroom on the main level, and if you use complementary hues (instead of « child » colors), it may mirror the design of your home.

I utilized affordable Ikea furniture and a ton of storage containers to keep it organized and spotless after re-purposing some of the futon furniture we already owned.