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Waterproof Covers for the Nugget: Couch Swag Review

A review by The Modern Mindful Mom:

In this article, we’ll be discussing waterproof covers for the Nugget (or probably more appropriately referred to as waterproof liners) – do you need them and what brand should you buy? We’ll be sharing our review of the Couch Swag covers (our pick), and why we love them!
P.S. If you have the Sam’s Club Members Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa or the Okoelli Comfort Couch, you’re in luck, as these waterproof liners will also work for you!
Is the Nugget Waterproof? Do You Need a Separate Waterproof Cover?
The Nugget couch is not waterproof. Although the fabric of the Nugget covers is thicker, if you’re not quick to wipe up a spill, it will permeate the fabric and get in the foam. Depending on the extent of the spill, you may be able to salvage the Nugget with minimal damage, or it could be completely ruined.
Luckily, there’s a solution: waterproof liners. There are various brands that make waterproof covers/liners for the Nugget (more on that below). These waterproof covers/liners are not meant to replace the covers the Nugget comes with, but are meant to go under them.

So do you need to buy separate waterproof covers for your Nugget? We think it’s a good idea! And for more reasons than you might think!

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